How to take a soil sample

Taking a soil sample is simple and will require about 10 minutes of your time. The most important thing to remember is to take samples from a variety of spots in your field, lawn or garden and combine them into a single sample. We need about a pint or half a liter of soil to do the analysis (about half of a quart-sized zip-lock plastic bag).

If you have a soil probe:

  • Use the soil sample probe to take cores samples 6 inches deep.
  • Repeat in 6 to 8 areas of field, lawn, or garden and put in the same bucket.

If you do not have a soil probe:

  • Use a shovel to dig a hole 6 inches deep.
  • Take a 2-inch thick slice from the side of the hole (six inches deep) and put in a bucket. Be sure to take the same amount of soil from the full depth.
  • Repeat in 4 to 6 areas of field, lawn, or garden and put in the same bucket. Try to take the same about of soil from each shovel full.

The advantage of the soil probe is that it takes a consistent amount of soil from each location and leaves a small hole in the ground.

Once you have filled your bucket:

  • Mix well.
  • Fill a 1-quart plastic bag 2/3 full, seal, and label.
  • Fill out the information sheet and mail it immediately to B & C Ag Consultants.
  • If you can not mail the sample immediately, store your sealed sample in a freezer.

Single Sample Instructions and Form 2022 01

If you have any questions, contact us at your convenience.

For more information, here are links to some videos on how to take a soil sample.

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