Send us a soil sample

We are happy to analyze your soil and make appropriate crop recommendations for soil amendments based on your growing practices.

If you would like us to take the soil sample, we are happy to work your into our schedule for an additional fee. Typically this service is for the larger growers, especially those needed soil information below the top 12 inches.

However, you can take the sample yourself and send it to our lab in Billings Montana. Here is how to take your own soil sample.

Once you have taken your sample, print and complete a Single Sample Instructions and Form (pdf) and send it to us with an appropriate check or money order. We can invoice you for an additional fee. We do not currently take credit cards.

Send your sample to:

B & C Ag Consultants
315 South 26th St
Billings, MT  59101


1 thought on “Send us a soil sample

  1. I was wondering how long it takes to get the results of a soil sample test back. I sent mine to you over about 2 weeks ago. Thank you

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