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Welcome to our garden blog

Welcome to the B&C AG Consulting Garden Blog.  

Gardeners can express their interest and passion for gardens, fruit, vegetables and the environment in many ways. Some like a few sunflowers, some like a maximum of produce, some like gardening for a short time become bored and let weeds take over. All have one thing in common, no gardener knows everything or can’t learn from others. That is the founding principle of this blog.

The Amend Park Community Garden is the playground for our gardeners. Located on the east side of Amend Park, we strive to get long with our neighbors and enjoy the opportunity to connect to nature. Some will only see the pounds they produce as a fulfillment of their interest.  A few gardeners will spent time teaching and sharing their experiences with grandchildren. There are gardeners who spend all their time alone in meditative solitude.  A couple will strive to set examples of good gardening practices.  All share a community experience along with the gardening. Tolerance of other gardeners is an asset, but like many communities it is often in short supply.

Home gardeners have the same garden problems with fewer neighbors giving unsolicited advice.  A quick search of the internet will provide ideas, but without certainty of the good practices.  We will not be passing along information without researching science based advice gathered from extension and university studies. Our blog will provide references and links to further reading from those sources.

Share our journey for gardening passion and no regrets of unfulfilled dreams.